Blog by Calliope~Galelace~Personal Styling & Colour Analysis.

Blog by Calliope~Galelace~Personal Styling & Colour Analysis.

Blog by Calliope~Galelace~Personal Styling & Colour Analysis.

Both stylish and practical, these Australian Urban Street Shades are definitely a must have accessory. if you’re looking for retro and vintage designs that give your outfit an edgy look or timeless and chic aviators or oversized square tops then this is the perfect local brand for you.

Popular sunglass trends change every year, but like all fashion they always come back in style. Shades have gone from aviators, to wayfarer and oversized but they are very important also because they protect your eyes against glare and harmful UV rays.

Urban Sunglasses are available in various shapes and colours to suit everyone’s needs. A pair of shades can provide a statement to a simple outfit and with a countless choice of shapes and styles to choose from, Urban shades offers that. Selecting a pair of sunglasses that flatter your face shape can be an overwhelming task but when you find that perfect pair and add it to a fabulous outfit then you will have the ultimate look.

Urban Street sunglasses are of the highest quality and are at a very affordable price. They have full sun protection and are glamorous and very stylish. I received 3 gorgeous pairs of Shades and I have not stopped wearing them. They are simply dashing.

These Glam Girl sunnies are the cutest purple shades I’ve ever seen. They are Square designed with mirror UV lenses (reflective lenses) and look hot on with just about anything. The silver frame gives these sunglasses a real sleek look.

Flat topped visors are big, bold and definitely stand out. These Prachi Glam shades are large, oversized sunglasses that make a statement on their own. They look fantastic with a simple casual outfit and are the perfect accessory to add to a basic look.

The ultimate Sachi Oversized specs are a revamp of the 60s square tops. This pair has an oversized square-frame shape and are so sophisticated. The shape is so flattering and easily wearable, I wear these shades everywhere. They are my absolute favorite.

Tip: When buying sunglasses, you need to consider a number of factors like your face shape, hairstyle and the distinctive features on your face. I have a slightly bigger nose so I need to shift the attention from my nose by wearing bold, patterned, heavy framed and/or oversized sunglasses.

Urban Street Shades has contemporary, fashionable sunglasses that suit every occasion and every style. Check out their website or Instagram page for your perfect pair of Shades





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